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Raphael's new CD 'The Journey of Farewell, is now released.

The Journey of Farewell

The music on this CD is, in my mind, all related to my late spouse, Elias De Mohan (1923-2012), but it relates to him in two parts, the first part while he was still alive and actually has listened to the compositions, and the second part was created after he left this world.

Track 5 ‘The Journey of Farewell ‘ is the transition – I started composing this piece a couple of month before his death, so he never heard the final piece as well as the rest of the CD. I finished ‘The Journey of Farewell’ after his passing away, and I realized that this piece described to me the processes leading up to, during and after his death. Our final goodbye was so tender and loving, transcending everything I have ever experienced before.

The second part is devoted to my processes of grief but also my celebration of him and to life itself, the fact that life goes on and that we, after all, are very small in a very big Universe. I’m filled with awe and bliss when my mind ponders this endless Universe and to think that I’m only capable of scratching on its surface.

Wonders of Wonders – death and life are totally connected, the one gives meaning to the other – and so be it! 

Elias will always be a part of my heart.

Here is a video of the composition 'Graceful You'/

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