Raphael is here to give the higher esoteric teachings of Liberation, Enlightenment and beyond in the context of the Vibrational Sound & Color system. In a counselling session the focus is on the processes of transformation on the individual and personal level, and during that process 'past life fragments', 'karmic themes', information from Soul and the Hierarchy may be presented if it serves the process.

Individual guidance in the practice of Vibrational Sound and Color and how to work with sound on your themes and issues can be asked for.

It is vital that you prepare for the session by making a list of the most important questions concerning your life and process. It is also important that you participate actively in the session by responding through dialogue. The more and deeper you involve yourself in the session the more you can gain. The information given in the session comes from The Hierarchy through Raphael, as well as the processes that will be supported or activated. The session will be recorded for you on a CD. It is a very good idea to listen to the CD once in a while, as the assimilation and integration of the information can happen over time and will depend on how you work with the information and processing yourself.

Raphael is a highly competent and accomplished spiritual teacher and by some even called "the trainers trainer". A single individual session with him can be very beneficial, but to engage in a series of sessions and maybe in combination with workshops can prove to be life changing.

It is a paradox that we live in the age or in the decades of 'informational technology', but the esoteric knowledge of how the deep processes of transformation functions and how to process oneself for transformation is almost absent in our culture, so much that this esoteric knowledge seems to be the greatest secret of our time.

Raphael is devoted to share these esoteric teachings with anyone that comes to him with an open heart.


Energy-Flow is the original form that Elias developed and practiced. It uses all the elements of the system - sound and color used on the chakras and auric bodies. The receiver is laying down and receives while Raphael works on the energy-system with higher pranic energies, going through blockages and establishes an expansion of the receives energy-flow. 


Light Energetic Body Work is developed by Raphael and it contains and combines all aspects, sounds, colors, movements of the system. Body Work refers to all the auric bodies including the physical. This is an active form of Energy-Flow where Raphael guides the receiver to go through blockages in his or her own energy-flow and expand it and the receiver has to do the work. One of the outcomes of this process is an individually tailored Vibrational Sound & Color exercise that deals with the present situation of the receiver.

The guided individual bodywork is following and supporting your process of becoming yourself more and more deeply, as unresolved issues are expressed and integrated. Working with patterns of breathing and voice. Focus on expressing your inner feelings, beliefs and issues for transformation. Past life fragments are often a part of our physical structure in form of dis-ease or chronic tension. This process facilitates awakening the auric bodies to embracing you as you are.