Sound & Color


The Vibrational Sound & Color system is designed to be capable of bringing students all the way to the higher spiritual realms. It was developed by Elias De Mohan in the late 60’s and 70’s in cooperation with Djwhal Khul, or Master DK or The Tibetan. And it is a practical system that grows out of the Theosophical Philosophy mostly represented in the writings of Alice Bailey. And this system is not focussed on intellectual understanding, but rather on the practical experience. We want every student to experience for themselves what we call ‘self-experienced knowledge’ – and this is the basis of developing the higher qualities of the heart chakra, that in the Theosophical Philosophy is called the ‘Love-Wisdom’ aspect.      


Science teaches us that everything in our universe is vibrating, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the galaxies and beyond. This is all held together by electro-magnetism which we have a limited understanding of. We believe that the foundation behind all of this is the highest possible "consciousness" of "intelligent design". In the physical world of our planet, these cosmic vibrations express themselves as colors and sounds.


Sounds and colors are different frequencies of the same source; light waves passing through our atmosphere create the visible color frequencies. Sounds are created by our voices or other sources and are frequencies of sound waves going through different medias such as air, water and solid materials.

These different kinds of frequencies are perceived through our senses and the waves are translated into the nervous systems communication form. Both sound and light waves are translated in our perception as the same electrical-chemical language and some scientists say that this communication is “light”.


A metaphor for consciousness is also light, that’s why we talk about enlightenment. Enlightenment is being conscious on a very high level. Light is also an expression of the life of the Sun. Light is therefore reflecting life. Colors are different aspects of light. The light-colors in the human system, usually known as our chakras and auric bodies, are expressions of our life, the colors are created in our system as we advance and expand our consciousness.


These principles are used in the system of Vibrational Sound & Color. These frequencies of light which we call colors also correspond to certain vocals expressed with our voice. This means that we have two channels, sound and color that resonate with a particular area of life or life quality.


Colors are closely related to life qualities and consciousness, and sounds are closely related to expression of life qualities.

We use the sound of our voice as an instrument in expressing and transforming certain life qualities that some call our karmic issues. Our own sounding voice can reach the deepest core of our nature as it will resonate and vibrate in the frequencies of our energetic system. It works through what is called ‘morphic resonance’, and this can bring subconscious material to our awareness.


It is a method of digging deeper and deeper, but it requires an esoteric context in order to transform. Many singers within opera, pop, rock, jazz etc. have developed their singing voice capacity to a great extent, but many of these singers haven’t an awareness about the effects of singing and therefore they aren’t able to process the subconscious material it brings forth, but instead escape through drugs and alcohol or transfer the energy into re-enforcement of the narcissistic ego.


There are many layers to process when students start a sound practise. We are going to seek the ‘sound behind the sound’. It is very common that beginners want to sing in a certain way, sing like their idol, etc. This is not what the goal is in this system; it is only the first step. It is paramount to learn to accept our own voice and many people do not really like their own voice. Our own voice is an energetic fingerprint of our lives and who we are, so this kind of process is most important to recognize and deal with, it is a reflection of self-acceptance.