Esoteric Philosophy


The esoteric philosophy is the spiritual context of the system of Vibrational Sound & Color. We call it a ‘philosophy’ because it will be hypotheses and theories for most people, but most of this philosophy can be experienced, and when a philosophy is experienced it will not be a philosophy anymore, but an experiential reality. Philosophy is the study that mainly interprets ‘reality’, the esoteric term deals with our inner experiences of ‘reality’. Esoteric means ‘hidden meaning’ or ‘secret meaning’, and it implies that we have to seek the deeper meaning in ourselves through experience.

Our esoteric philosophy is also part of what Blavatsky called the ‘Ageless wisdom’, and we have adapted this philosophy to a more ‘up to date’ and practical approach.  

Below is a very brief presentation of the Esoteric Philosophy of the system of Vibrational Sound & Color, for a deeper study we recommend our books (see the menu):


Evolution of Consciousness

Souls reincarnate by extending Soul-entities into form as needed to accomplish the goal of participation in creation.  There is continuity between incarnations and all that we need to resolve.  The idea that we will live again is not correct.  The part of us that does get reincarnated is the part that still needs to be resolved.

The Soul, then, develops as the process proceeds between the life force (Monad) and the form (earth), and becomes the middle principle, the center of consciousness. 

The basic underlying element in this evolutionary process of expanding consciousness is experiencing.  This experiencing, with evaluation and acceptance, brings expansion and is true of all levels of life, from the most infinitesimal to human, the solar system, and ultimately the universal source, the Cosmic Creator.  The three-dimensional Earth plane, in which humanity presently finds itself, is only one step in this infinite plan of expansion.  It is a step that is taken by choice.  In general, humans will pass through seven major levels of consciousness in the Earth’s plane.  Each major level consists of many minor levels.

In short these seven levels are: Primitive/Tribal – Mass – Individual – Aspirant – Disciple – Initiate – Creative Soul.


Esoteric Psychology

Esoteric psychology explains the processes of, the nature of and the relation between ego, personality and Soul. It deals with how to work with processes, detecting issues and patterns and transforming them. The result of this process is the creation of higher consciousness.

The ego-self is like an island, not really knowing that there is something much greater, deeper and higher and that this is connected to everything and everyone. The moment this insight rushes into the ego-self it loses its power over us, at least momentarily. How to maintain this insight and gradually move the center of our consciousness from the ego to the ego-personality and from there to being a soul guided personlity - this is what esoteric psychology is all about.


Esoteric Anatomy of Human Beings

Esoteric anatomy is the energetic structure of our human form. It consists of chakras and the auric bodies. Every chakra governs certain life areas. Our auric bodies radiate the level of achieved consciousness as colors. The system of Vibrational Sound & Color uses a slightly different chakra system than the traditional. The many chakra systems are only models or maps, not reality itself. But these maps are useful.   


Esoteric Sound & Color

When we have learned diaphragmatic breathing and use it for vibrational sounding and expressing the qualities of personal issues, energy is transformed.

Diaphragmatic breathing combined with awareness and directness of sound is known as esoteric sound.  Esoteric sound vibrations shatter rigid patterns in the physical-etheric, emotional-feeling and mental bodies.


When one learns to produce harmonious sound vibrations and mentally direct them inwardly toward the physical body centers, a rearrangement for balancing and centering that permits greater and more effective energy flow and creative light energy is acquired.  Harmonious sound vibration directed with appropriate mental thought, emotion and intent disrupts negative qualities and transmutes them into expanded qualities.  This can be noticeably disruptive, but necessary to bring about a centering of focus and a new orientation.  Another example of the effects of sound is the principle of resonance that states that when sound vibrations are projected onto an object, the object will begin to vibrate in sympathy with that sound.  At this point, the object and the sound are said to be in resonance.  A simple, but rather profound analogy here is that if one is able to produce a sound that is on the same natural frequency as the Soul vibration, there will be an expansion of the radiant bodies into alignment with Soul.  In fact, such an alignment does occur when individuals are able to produce their own personal sound.  The pitch of your speaking voice is your natural sound frequency, which changes as you transform and expand.


We can become channels of the other dimensions when we make sounds.  However, it should be noted that, for most, efficient use of esoteric sound techniques comes through persistent practice with conscious awareness and living what needs to be experienced and accepted.


Esoteric sound represents applied awareness to your realization that you are responsible for the transformation of your fragments as well as training your voice to function vibrationally.


Qualities of colors

Color and sound are manifestations of the same vibration, but perceived through different sense organs.


Color awareness is usually more prevalent than awareness of sound and breathing.  Color represents emotion and movement of energies and there is a relationship between color and the basic qualities of life.  

Color is the expressed quality of an experience, of vibrational frequencies going from black to white light.  Unawareness is blackness; with activity and experience awareness grows and color is manifested. When the colors are all coordinated they become white-light and awareness.  And light awareness is cosmic.  As we transform intense experiences, colors change in the auric field, intuition increases.

Consciousness is dispersed throughout the universe on rays of energy vibrations, with each ray having its own vibrational rate and distinct set of life qualities.  We use the term ‘ray’ for clarity, but these vibrations are actually frequencies of consciousness of particles of light.  These particles coalesce into waves of light according to their frequencies, which manifest into a dense form of the third dimensional consciousness.  They provide the opportunity to experience those vibrations.

In this system we include seven vibrational-expansional waves or rays of energy coming from the cosmic sun that plays throughout the solar system and the universe. 

Each of us, as a Soul-entity, has a point of origin in one of the primary colors - red, blue or yellow - and our basic nature is reflected through the qualities of that particular ray.  We have to be aware of the integration of these colors to create the other colors which are green, orange, purple-violet and indigo.  We become part of other rays as we experience those qualities.  Color is never static.  It is always expanding, changing, reflecting and internalizing.