The Ascended Spiritual Master Elias De Mohan (1923 – 2012)


For a more detailed biography please read Volume l.


Elias De Mohan was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1923 in a family of poor peasants from Romania.  He was baptised William David Dumitru in the Catholic faith.

In 1930 he returned to Romania with his family to live in a small village for seven years. At the age of 14 he left the village and his family and returned to Detroit.

He had always loved music and singing, but by the age of 17 he had discovered it´s power.  He remembered going by a music store and stopping to listen to the music that was being played.  The music was so beautiful that it touched him deeply and he began to cry.  He wanted to find a way to participate in something so beautiful, and when he discovered the Detroit Opera Society he joined it.  That started him on the path to discover what sound, music and the voice can do to heal the feelings and emotions. He studied operatic singing for 17 years.


After the Second World War, he began his education and in three years graduating from Iolani High School in Honolulu. Elias went on to study music at Oberlin College in Ohio and social science at the University of Colorado.


He thought his singing would give him long sought after acceptance, but instead it stirred up the Kundalini resulting in tremendous pain, fear and doubt.  To experience Kundalini without falling apart, we must first have a strong sense of self-acceptance ‒ something he did not have at the time. 


During a great time of discovery in the 1950's, he was living in New York City and working at the YMCA in many different departments of management—in other words, he was doing ‘group work’.  The idea of doing group work was another intuitive response he had when he was reading some of Alice Bailey’s books.


When he moved from New York City to Pennsylvania in 1959, he was led to be part of a group with metaphysical teachings.  In 1960, in Pittsburgh, Elias met with his teacher, Neva Del Hunter, and they formed a group for metaphysical instruction.  In 1965, he was led to join a metaphysical group in Los Angeles, so he moved to California and lived there for the next three and a half years.


In the California group he acquired a good background in metaphysical matters and systems of the past.  As he continued in the group, people began to ask him to do consultations, but he kept saying, “I can’t do that. I don’t know how.”  Even his teacher felt he wasn’t ready, but he started to do consultations and past life sessions anyway as he began to surrender to people’s needs.  Soon he realized that he could give people the information they needed for their process of growth and change.  He began to provide consultations for those who wanted to transform through work with sound and color.


With the experiential background in this group he left California for Texas.  It was in Texas that he discovered he was going to be instrumental in bringing in a system for personality transformation through vibrational sound, color, music, voice and awareness.  He really didn’t know what it meant at the time!  Since then his knowledge of the system has been continually expanding and he has come to learn that it’s an eternal process.


In 1970 he established the Esoteric Philosophy Center in Houston, Texas and thus began a major phase of discovery — how to take intuition and externalize it into a system.

People at the Center then began to ask for the vibration of sound and color system and he was still saying, “I don’t know how to do it.”  One night he woke up and he was told, “Do it now”!  The authority of Soul is the real authority!  At this point he also started a lifelong relation to his guide Djwhal Khul. Creation takes action and the willingness to experience.  So he said to a group of six interested students, “Let’s be guinea pigs and see what happens with this system.”  All of a sudden as he got up to speak, he spoke for an hour or more not even realizing how many words were being said. That is how the system started.

Because Elias had studied for the opera for 17 years; he learned the importance of practice, participation and willingness.  The aim is not to become opera singers, but to use the voice with diaphragmatic breathing. 

After several years of participation, many people at the Esoteric Philosophy Center in Houston asked if there could be a book. The book was first published after eight years of experiencing, observing and internalizing.  Now, five printings later, it has been revised and expanded in 2008 with the addition of new experiences and concepts with Raphael as co-author.

Elias has traveled all over the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Denmark, giving workshops and lectures and has received thousands of people for individual sessions. He has taken groups on journeys to the world’s great spiritual places like Mexico, Egypt, Greece, France and England.

In 1990 he decided to leave Houston and moved to Arizona, where he continued the Esoteric Philosophy Center.

In 2006 he decided to accept Ross Sinclaire’s invitation to come and live in Calgary, Canada and to form The Universal Foundation for the Creative Heart. That year he also visited Denmark to do workshops and sessions, and here he met Raphael. They were meant to meet and be together and Raphael moved to Calgary early 2007 and he stayed with Elias until the end. Raphael and Elias were married, first by a ceremony conducted by the Hierarchy and later officially. It turned out that the major work that Raphael was meant to do was taking care of Elias in order for him to achieve the crown of the work of his lifetime. The Hierarchy many times called Elias and Raphael “The Twins”, because they have been together in many lifetimes.


In 2007 both Elias and the Hierarchy recognized Raphael to be the successor of Elias when he passed on.


Elias fully ‘walked his talk’ and he lived his own teachings, he was a true mystic. He was in contact with many entities from the other dimensions, and sometimes he was so absorbed that he lost orientation in the physical surroundings. To him the other dimensions were just as real as the physical is for most people.  He gave many transmissions from the other dimensions and he encouraged Raphael to do the same.


In 2010 he was initiated as a member of the Hierarchy, which is a very rare event, and that gave the Hierarchy a physical vehicle of a very high calibre to work through.


As a result of his last spiritual accomplishment in the physical form, he manifested a very high spiritual frequency that was imprinted on the collective consciousness to benefit the spiritual processes of future generations. After his ascending May 10th 2012 he has worked on the construction of a special energy vibration that could be called an "Inner Ashram" in the other dimensions. This was a special occasion because Vibrational Sound & Color has never had its own department in the Hierarchy before. This new "Inner Ashram of Vibrational Sound & Color" is devoted to serving mankind through the system of Vibrational Sound & Color and it is now connected to and manifested in the physical plane through Raphael.


Elias De Mohan remains in constant contact with Raphael, guiding and inspiring him to move forward and expand the Vibrational Sound & Color system.


Raphael continues to experience and expand as he is a direct channel for Elias and the Inner Ashram of Vibrational Sound & Color as he gives transmissions of energy and verbal teachings.