The Harmonics of Vibrational Sound & Color:


Volume I

Esoteric Philosophy & the Seven Exercises of the Seven Rays

Volume I describes the fundamental philosophy of the esoteric system of Vibrational Sound & Color, which Elias De Mohan during the 1970’s was instructed to create by Djwahl Khul. Volume I describes the esoteric philosophy of sound, color and breathing and step-by-step exercises of the Seven Rays as well as many other exercises.

The system is practical and designed for the experiential process of transformation of the personality and expansion of soul consciousness. It is possible with constant practice day-by-day, as shown in this book, to reach the level of experiencing the vibrational energy field of the soul.


Volume II

Creative Meditations

In Volume II Elias De Mohan is deepening the esoteric philosophy of the Vibrational Sound & Color System presented in Volume I, and describing the three major Creative Meditations for alignment and corporation between the chakras and their connected auric bodies.

Volume II presents: 

  • A synopsis that describes 3 elemental “schools of experience” and examples illustrating where these schools have been synthesized in history.
  • A series of treatises on how “the very essence of things” works on energy; its essence, its movement, resistance to its movement, how energy reaches higher vibration in the human vessel – and how this carries over into human evolution.
  • An explanation about different evolutionary levels of processes that can exist between a human and its soul.
  • A very deep transmission from a member of the Planetary Councils is also offered to give inspirational nourishment for thoughts about the important but subtle differences that exist in later stages of human evolution.
  • A frame of reference that humans at more experienced stages of consciousness can use to identify and evaluate their experiences. 


Finally the Creative Meditations themselves are presented step-by-step along with detailed examples of how resistances show up in the various human aspects of our physical-sensory level, our emotional-feeling level and our mental level. The Creative Meditations are meant to use Vibrational Sound & Color with triangular symbols to stabilize your awareness as you carry out your role in the cosmic plan of evolution.



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