Basic Level


Esoteric philosophy and the exercises of the Seven Rays


Practical content of Workshops:

Diaphragmatic and esoteric breathing. Esoteric sounds and colors and their harmonic and resistant qualities. Exploring your voice and how to use toning, humming and different vowel sounds.

The esoteric anatomy of the human vehicle: The radiant chakras and the radiant auric bodies. The esoteric philosophy and understanding of the Ego-Personality and the Soul Composite and the Major Evolutionary stages of Consciousness.

Practical instructions in The Exercises of the Seven Rays.

Pointing out some of the major developmental polarities/issues and past life fragments as well as which Ray colors and sounds to work within your personal process of transformation.

Integration and Synthesis: The process of transformation shown through the Trinity of the Red, Blue and Yellow Rays.

The exercises learned on the basic levels are very helpful to re-awaken the physical body in order to clean the sensory system and its five senses and to be able to get in touch with the deeper levels of emotion. Someone once said: “Feelings are the language of God”. As such the teachings and practices of the basic levels are invaluable to our process, and leads to the advanced and intuitive levels and towards infinity.

The Exercises of the Seven Rays can truly be described as The Seven Rings of Fire, designed to resolve, cleanse and transform personal issues on an energetic level, clearing the path to create higher consciousness. These exercises are the foundation of the system and can always be used no matter what level of consciousness one may have attained.


Advanced Level


Creative Meditations:

Expanding the esoteric philosophy and esoteric psychology of VSC from the Basic Levels. The Three Major Creative Meditations: Physical-Sensory, Emotional-Astral, Mental, are focusing on the inner energy system, increasing the energy flow and balancing it so the chakras start to function with more corporation.

The Creative Meditations works with the major forms of resistances (blockings) in the physical, emotional and mental energy levels and how to work through them with coordination and cooperation.

How to work with energies; prana, radiating colors and the mental.


Energy Flow:  


Training in working on an energetic level with yourself and clients (fellow students) and their process of transformation. Energy Flow is a method of practical application of the principles and energy-levels of Vibrational Sound & Color where you catalyze, mobilize and nurture the different levels of the receivers energy system for stimulating/awakening those issues the receiver needs to experience in order to expand. This involves channelling different forms of energies; pranic, radiatory colors, mental and intuitive energies and it involves dealing with unresolved and crystallized issues, blockages and patterns from this life and from past lives. The more you have cleared and transformed your own issues the clearer your channel becomes, and to that degree you are able to assist others. Energy-Flow is not a ‘healing session’ in a traditional sense. The definition of ‘healing’ in the context of Vibrational Sound & Color system is: “Healing is the constant process of transformation – and it goes on eternally”.

You will also to be trained in your capacities for higher perception and sensitivity to “energies”.

You will learn about communication based on Active Intelligence: The Yellow Ray (the Mental) qualities in the service of the Blue and the Red Ray – starting to create higher consciousness and how to communicate from a higher consciousness: Detached Involvement.

Supervision on your own private clients in Energy-Flow.


Intuitive Level


VSC Practitioner

Expanding on the Liberating teachings of esoteric philosophy and esoteric psychology continued from the Advanced Levels.

The creation of higher consciousness which is the bridge between the personality and soul. Working with higher techniques of VSC like the Padma Meditations and Inner Sounds. Working on liberating the personality from the control of the ego towards being a soul centred personality. 

This program constitutes a shift in consciousness into permanently establishing higher consciousness. This cannot be taught without personal effort to go very deeply into the experiential and transformational processes of the individual.

The evolutionary consciousness higher levels of the Metaphysician, the Esotericist leading to the Practitioner.


Intuitive Guidance: Training in working with The Akashic Records and counselling. The focus is on developing your relation to your inner universe, exploring and clearing yourself of deeper unresolved issues, differentiating between the inner voices and learning about your own unique capacities, whether their predominant nature is more visual (clairvoyant), audio (clairaudient), feeling/touching (clairsentient) or for channelling.


Communication based on Active Intelligence - this is an exploration of how you communicate from a soul inspired level. Transformational communication grows out of connecting with the soul dimension, self-knowledge and self-experience and is the basis of empathy – which is love-wisdom (Blue Ray) united with the willingness to experience (Red Ray). In this module there is a special emphasis on developing 'detached involvement'. A purer form of detached involvement comes when an individual is centered in the soul levels, rather than in the personality. The opening of the heart center and its higher ethics in dealing with others and our own development is paramount. You will be mirrored and confronted with your deeper shadows to show you how you can implement and integrate your own unique capacities and qualities in the service of others and the Hierarchy. The New Age is based on group work and mature spirituality, therefore it is essential to learn and integrate detached involvement, which is a way to communicate, an attitude and a feeling from deep in our hearts and it comes through the expanded consciousness.

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This program will support your whole training process towards becoming a VSC Practitioner.


For the Intuitive Level it is not possible to schedule a fixed number of workshops and individual sessions that would establish an individual firmly into this level and to be able to perform and serve as a VSC Practitioner. It all depends on the efforts and willingness to experience and work through even the toughest personal and karmic issues and in the end it is also up to the Hierarchy to decide.

Aspirants to this level should know that the minimum would be at least 5 workshops. But still there is no guarantee and it totally depends on the individual. 




Committing to the program:

Workshops start Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The tuition for the Basic Levels is $ 1,500 and includes 3 workshops and 3 individual sessions. Tuitions can be paid in advance which gives a discount of 5%. Or it can be prepaid in 2 instalments.

Advanced levels can be done in two ways:
1) The Three Creative Meditations can be taken separately, 1 day per month. The tuition will be $ 180 per day. In total $ 540.
2) The full module will be at least 5 workshops, one each month. This should be complemented with individual sessions and supervision. Tuition for 5 workshops including 5 individual sessions: $ 2,500.

The tuition for the workshops on the Intuitive Levels is $ 550 per workshop included one individual session.

Under certain circumstances it is possible to be certified on each level and be qualified to perform, instruct, teach and train clients within the boundaries of each level.