Raphael De Mohan


Raphael was born in Denmark in 1954 and moved to Canada in 2007 to live and work with Elias De Mohan (1923-2012), the founder and creator of the Vibrational Sound & Color system. Since then he has co-authored our first book, edited the second book and is now writing the third book of the system. He was recognized by Elias and the Hierarchy as the one to succeed Elias after his passing.



There are three major life themes of experiencing that runs through the life of Raphael:


The first theme started when he was 7 years old as he began to receive lessons in classical piano, he continued these lessons till he was 17. At the age of 14 he started taking lessons in church organ and classical guitar. He had the intention of studying at the Music Conservatorium of Copenhagen.


This musical training and education stopped from one day to another when he, at the age of 17 years, had a major life changing experience. The experience was spiritual in nature and coming from a dimension he had no knowledge about at all and it drove him into a mental breakdown where deep existential angst became his daily life. Everything fell apart and he struggled for survival for some years and after three unsuccessful attempts of committing suicide he decided to work through it instead. This event initiated the two other major life themes. 


 The second life theme started when he became passionately interested in a spiritual search and found his first East Indian meditation teacher when he was 21 and he remained committed to him till the teacher passed away 8 years later. He visited his teacher whenever it was possible, whether it was in India, Malaysia or Europe. After that he has practiced and studied different spiritual approaches like Tibetan Buddhism, Theosophical Philosophy and western contemporary spiritual systems. 


The third major theme that grew out of the life changing event was an exploration of psychology by going through his own psychotherapy, which he started in his late twenties. This let him in his thirties to be educated and trained as a Gestalt therapist as well as a body psychotherapist. During this time he started his work as a psychotherapist. After that he studied Music Therapy at the University and here his life themes of music and psychology began integrating.


Up until he moved to Calgary in 2007 he was working as a psychotherapist, as a team leader in social rehabilitation, as a teacher in psychology and psychiatry in the school of Health & Social Education and later on as a self-employed psychotherapist, lecturer and as a counsellor/supervisor for the staff in social psychiatric institutions.


In the mid-1980s Raphael had an extremely powerful dream, very detailed and it had three parts. It started in Africa, continued in Denmark and ended in India. In this dream Raphael became the servant of a spiritual teacher; a very gentle and loving elderly man, half bald with grey hair and glasses. He couldn’t figure this dream out so he worked with the dream in several psychotherapy sessions, but no satisfying answers came. Later on he realized that the dream described his life from when he was 17 years old until after Elias ascended in 2012, so the dream was also a prediction. After that Raphael was subconsciously looking for this elderly teacher, and when he met Elias in Denmark in 2006 everything fell into place, Raphael recognized Elias as the teacher from his dream. The dream even predicted what happened when Elias ascended and afterwards. The dream ended with a ceremony where this teacher opened the sky and an amazing spiritual energy descended – very much like the imprint that Elias manifested the last days of his life and the energies that come through the ”Inner Ashram of Vibrational Sound & Color". (See the description of this event under “About Elias De Mohan” in the menu).


When Raphael was introduced to the system of Vibrational Sound & Color around year 2003 he slowly started the processes of synthesizing the knowledge of these three major life themes into a spiritual context, this process accelerated when he moved to Calgary in 2007 to live with Elias. After Elias ascended in 2012 this process has further intensified and has become a great part of Raphael’s way of expanding the system.


By going through the experiences of his own psychotherapy he discovered that these forms of psychotherapy contain a tremendous knowledge of human developmental processes, and he found that most spiritual systems do not cover these very important aspects. He is now synthesizing his knowledge of developmental processes with the system of Vibrational Sound & Color and this forms the basis of what he calls ‘esoteric psychology’.


Raphael is now being guided by the Ascended Elias De Mohan and the Inner Ashram of Vibrational Sound & Color. He is appointed as the spiritual teacher of the enlightened teachings of Vibrational Sound & Color and is working on the further development of the system.


Ross Sinclaire, Raphael and Elias De Mohan founded ‘The Universal Foundation for the Creative Heart’ in 2007 to be the main vehicle for the teachings of the system.