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All our workshops can be cutomized to specific requirements. 

You are welcome to put your name on the waiting list for a particular workshop and when enrollment and/or the waiting list for a workshop is full the dates will be announced.

Wear causual clothing that is comfortable for both relaxing as well as doing body work.

You are also welcome to contact us if you want to organize a group in your area interested in a lecture and/or workshop in Vibrational Sound & Color.


The Power of the Voice

The human voice is the most powerful tool to heal, transform and expand consciousness. You will begin to understand how to use this amazing instrument, opening and clearing the throat chakra, gives freedom to self-expression which will enhance communication and healing on all other levels.

The human voice carries the vibrations of our soul, heart and consciousness.

Intense work with the body, breathing, sounding, toning, channeling healing energies via the voice, opening to the natural voice, releasing suppressed patterns and open to creative self-expression. We will explore the spiritual dimensions of the voice, healing sounds as well as overtone singing.

Find the voice of your life, lifting your self-confidence and self-esteem.



Light Energetic Body Work (LEB)

The Body exercises in these workshops will deepen your process of body-awareness and give you the opportunity to release yourself from some of the sufferings of your life on the physical, etheric, emotional or mental level, as you are willing to experience your own depths.  As you do this you will also support and expand your capacity for love of yourself and others and it is a basis for experiencing the universe, the divine – getting in touch with your core and the Light.  Every suffering in our life has a purpose and ultimately it is to make us aware of our capacity for Light and Love.
The exercises are created for expanding your energy-flow and your capacity to experience the depths and heights of yourself.  Change starts automatically when you experience and accept exactly what you feel.  As you expand the energy-flow, your sufferings, traumas or unresolved issues will become more and more evident, until you face them and start working with these themes, bringing them into the Light of your consciousness for transformation.
The Body work will be combined with vibrational sound & color, full body breathing and diaphragmatic breathing, as well as sharing your process with each other.


Other workshops are at the moment being developed and will be announced when ready. For example workshops with the topics of dreams and esoteric pshychology.