Existential Pure Being

by Raphael De Mohan

We cannot even for fractions of a second enter another person’s mind and experience what this person experiences. In this matter we are left alone and have no point of reference at all, except all of our previous experiences.

In fact we might not even recognize a state of higher consciousness at all if it happened, and we might even mistake certain experiences to be a higher state. Because we haven’t a point of reference we do not have a real map that tells us where we are at all. This chaos, confusion or ignorance is utilized by the ego that likes to label different experiences as ‘higher consciousness’ in order to glorify itself and escape from a self-confrontation that would break down the ego’s illusions, resulting in a fear of exposure and loss of control.

This no-map condition is what I call ‘existential loneliness’ and it is an empty space or void where the ego fills in the beliefs and ideals that serve the ego’s ‘truth’ so as to avoid falling into this void.

The existential loneliness is experienced by the ego as an empty void which causes fear. But from a higher perspective it is a creative void that is paramount in the process of spiritual transformation and expansion of consciousness, because it is the result of deep experiences of this void that stirs the depths of our fears and denials up so we can experience them and go through them – these fears and denials are also a part of our shadow. And by the process of going through our fears and denials we can release them and investigate them in order to learn about their rigid patterns. This is what I call experienced self-knowledge, and this is the start of creating a higher consciousness.

When the ego avoids this existential loneliness it also disconnects us from real progress. Because this existential loneliness also separates us from others and is the basis of becoming a separate self-reliant individual – which is necessary to create deeper and more meaningful relations with our self and our fellow human beings, this is the basis of becoming an inter-dependent individual. This inter-dependent individual is absolutely necessary to develop the kind of group work that will carry us forward into the Aquarian Age.

A higher frequency of existential loneliness can be defined as Existential Pure Being:

When we can allow ourselves to merge in the existential loneliness and know how to deepen this experience we enter the state of experience I call Existential Pure Being. This is the deepest core of our nature and it is in fact always there, the only thing that stands between merging in this state is our ego and the activities of our mind. Another way of describing Existential Pure Being is that which is left when ‘you’ are not there. Said in a poetical way:

When I am there – Thou art not

When Thou art there – I am not

The process of going there is like an onion, we peel off layer by layer only to arrive at the center, where there is ‘nothing’. The layer of the onion is our karmic issues and the ego’s make up, and this process of clearing takes a lot of knowledge to transform. We are up against the ego that has been constructed during thousands of generations to reach the level of today. This is the momentum of power we are up against, so this demands a wholehearted effort over time to cleanse out. Put in a humorous way; this work is not for amateurs.

Our ego mind is so used to identifying with and valuing the content of our thoughts, emotional reactions, behaviours and it has a system of values we call our beliefs and from that we judge whether a thought is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, whether it is ‘spiritual’ or not. So to progress from there we have to do something different than looking into the content of our thoughts, we have to dig deeper and we can do this by looking at the processes of our thoughts. 

To become aware of our own processes is the basis of creating a new form of consciousness; this is the beginning of a higher consciousness. Higher consciousness doesn’t come from reading books or adopting spiritual philosophies or even meditating for a long time. We have to create higher consciousness by not resisting our experiences and looking at our processes.

It could also be explained by this statement: One thing is to understand (intellectually) the Path; another is to walk (experientially) the Path.

The mind wants to understand before it experiences. Even after an experience the mind is crazy about understanding what that was. To merge in the Existential Pure Being we need to walk the Path.

So the mind has a capacity to understand certain things very well, and we benefit from that, but when we reach the limits of the minds capacity we do not really understand that, and we tend to proceed in our habitual state of mind, remaining in a regressed state. This will never be a guiding light on the Path. We need to expand beyond the mind and stop having our mind controlling things it really cannot control.

At lower levels of evolutionary consciousness the mind is the guiding light and we benefit from it and progress, the mind is fully involved in developing the level of ego consciousness and maturing it. When we access higher levels this mind will slow us down and eventually make us stagnate or arrest our further development. 

When that time comes we need to look into the process of our thinking and our mind. It is no longer the content that can bring us further, but the process itself. This means that we do need to learn about how the mind is functioning. And it might be a big surprise to discover that the minds functioning is of a collective nature, and in fact the structure of the ego and ego-consciousness is not personal but collective in its nature. Both the structures of and the processes of the ego as well as consciousness follows certain laws that are not our own creation. 

When we are dealing with an issue or polarity we can, if we detach from it for a moment, experience it in itself, becoming ‘The One that Experiences’. So when that happens we can then allow ourselves just to be present and fall deeper and deeper. Existential Pure Being is like a child’s experiences before it has learned to think and speak, it is totally open and without any concepts, assumptions and expectations – it simply IS.

This process is a template for any issue we are in contact with at any level of evolutionary consciousness. And when we really get to know this and are able to work with this process every day, we start an upward going spiral: it becomes a template for growth.

We must know that life has two major aspects; one is of an experiential nature and the other is consciousness. These two aspects must work together, integrating and synthesizing every issue and karmic polarity there is. When we do that we also expand our consciousness to a higher level, because this expansion is based on our own experiences. This kind of work, step by step, will not make you fall back again. These changes will be permanent.

Transformation means that an issue, karmic developmental issue, is shifting its dimension, just like fire transforms a piece of wood (the physical dimension) into the dimensions of air (the mental dimension).

To fully transform karmic issues and themes we follow the esoteric teachings of the system of Vibrational Sound & Color, saying that the transformation has to manifest both in the physical/etheric dimension (the domain of the Red Ray) as changes in the patterns of our behaviour, in the emotional/astral dimensions as changes in the patterns of our emotions reactions and our relations (the Blue Ray domain) and in the mental department as changes in our patterns of thoughts and beliefs (the Yellow Ray domain).

Sound and color has the capacity to connect all these dimensions when we use them with the intention of transformation. And especially sound is a major key. The ‘persona’ means ‘through sound’ and our personality is expressed through sound, which means that what we express changes dimensions, from being in our inner world to be manifested in the outer world. And the nature of sound has the capacity to reach our core both on an energetic and experiential level.

Enlightenment is one of the higher achievements in the work on expanding our consciousness, whereas the experiential being-ness leads to different stages of Samadhi.

Traditionally these have created two different forms of schools, each following their own methods. Whereas in this present age we have a third possibility and that is to integrate these two aspects, a process we in the system of Vibrational Sound & Color call Synthesis. This system originates from the tradition of the Theosophical Philosophy, but with a totally different angle; it has a practical and experiential approach.