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Elias De MohanThe Great Soul and Spiritual Pioneer Elias De Mohan left the physical plane, May the 10th 9.30 pm, 2012

Raphael has been asked to share information received by him from the Hierarchy about Elias’ last processes that also gives a picture of how high the accomplishments Elias achieved, even during his process of dying.

The information was received and transmitted in a group meeting with our small center group on March the 27th 2012, where Elias was present, and information received in his last days.


March 27th 2012: Transmission from the Hierarchy through Raphael

You all know that when ‘the Manna’ was physically manifested in your house in De Winton it was a sign of Elias’ initiation into the Hierarchy, he became a member of the Hierarchy. Thereby we (The Hierarchy) had a physical vessel for deepening The Work on Earth and elsewhere. We activated a higher aspect of the Kundalini Energy and used these very high energy frequencies to change his energy system, which you call the chakra system.

In order to support this auspicious event Elias had to have a lot of support on most levels. This is why Raphael and Elias were brought together. It was agreed before entering incarnation in The Counsel that Raphael should delay his incarnation until there was some 30 years between them. Raphael was chosen because of the many incarnations they have had together, many times working together in the same fields and also they had different kinds of relationships. This has brought them close together, so close that we call them “The Twins”. This close connection made it possible for Raphael to support Elias in a highly specialized way.

In close relationships energy connections are made, as it happened for Elias and Raphael, they quickly connected and recognized each other. And this was the basis for us to start building an extra ordinary energy channel between them. This channel was to be a one way street, and we connected the channel from a certain aspect of Raphael’s Life-force into Elias’, so as to give Elias energy support to go through his very demanding transformation. When a chakra system is transformed so quickly and expanded to these kinds of very high frequencies, the lower bodies have a very hard time to follow and integrate, so this is only done when a very special connection is possible. So we took the risk, Elias’ lower bodies could resist and thereby stop the process and Raphael could become too exhausted to the point of becoming seriously ill. It was a balance, but they made it both, even though it caused Elias’ minor heart attack last year. We can now decrease the energy transmission from Raphael to Elias. They work now as an unit – as two aspects of the same.

We are rejoicing over this event in all the other dimensions and departments of The Hierarchy as it offers us the possibility of doing a greater work when one of The Hierarchy is in incarnation. And this event is of great value for the process of evolutionary transformation for all.


May 7th till the 10th 2012: Information received by Raphael from The Hierarchy

We inform you, not only to your own knowledge but for you to make known to all that are related in some or another way to Elias De Mohan.

When we saw that Elias’ physical condition gave him very little more time in this incarnation, we, The Counsel and together with Elias, decided to make a last but very advanced transformation of his energy system. To make his energy system so advanced and high to imprint this event in the collective energy system of Earth, to benefit and speed up the collective evolution of the new and very much higher frequency chakra system of the future, which still lies more than 100 years ahead, if everything goes well. If this new form of high frequency chakra system is manifested in a human being even for a few moments of time, this will be imprinted on the collective levels forever. When the first imprints of this kind have taken place it will slowly be less difficult for others to make transformation towards these levels. For Elias it caused his second heart attack and was quickly followed by a stroke. Both minor though, and it would have been possible to survive under normal conditions. His personality had to become minimized and very transparent to allow this transformation and the whole process would exhaust him to the point of death, which it did. We did allow Elias the opportunity to chose himself when he wanted to leave. He struggled but endured and achieved this highly and very advanced energy system long enough to manifest and he did make the imprint successfully.

For all of us, The Hierarchy, we cannot express how important and joyous this event is. This is an important event for the evolution of human consciousness. He sacrificed himself in the Service of humanity, blessed be this great Soul, and he will take his rightful place amongst us and continue the work.

For you Raphael it is both such a deep loss and at the same time such an auspicious and joyous event and you have felt the energies radiating from Elias going through this huge transformation. We are with you and so will Elias be you. You both did it.

And now you will also realize that it is impossible to know the deeper purpose and meaning before the important events actually happens. And it was to bring you and Elias together in order for these auspicious events to take place. And therefore we had to hold you back from creating a traditional kind of center and school of Vibrational Sound & Color, this is for the future, and time will show you what will open up and we and Elias will be with you all the way. Elias has for a long time finished his Services dealing with the support of single individuals in their process of transformation even though he couldn’t refuse occasional requests, and he went on serving more and more on the collective levels till his final breath. What you have assisted Elias in is far greater because it belongs to the future, not to diminish centers and schools, because they too are of immense value. True pioneers are futurists and creators and they work for the future, and they are seldom seen fully for what and who they really are. That is but the nature of evolution.

We bless you and those who will read these messages and receive the Light that is transmitted through these words; we invite you to unite in the Light of Love and Honour of the Great Soul of Elias De Mohan.

OM        OM        OM



Postscript and new transmissions – Received from May 27th to May 30th 2012.

The transmission the 27th of March 2012 and information received up untill the ascendance of Elias the 10th of May that was emailed and published on this website was only a part of the transmissions. At the time Raphael published it, some aspects of the information’s wasn’t clearly understood and therefore Raphael didn’t publish it, but now is clear. And we have provided Raphael with new information to publish, so here it is;

It was said that Elias works through Raphael while both were in incarnation. And the extra ordinary energy channel that was build between Raphael and Elias, where the energy flowed from Raphael to Elias, decreasing until Elias’ ascendance, where the flow of energy stopped. But this channel was never cut or desolved. After the ascendance of Elias the energy channel was still there and it will continue to be there, and now the flow of energy is reversed, so that Raphael now is the physical vehicle for Elias’ energy to manifest. Just as Elias was a vehicle or channel for the energies from The Hierarchy, when he was still incarnated.

Elias will now continue his work on many levels. Most important is his work on the highly advanced energy system that he managed to manifest and imprint in the collective energy system of Earth. He is now working on expanding this imprint, into what the theosophical philosophy would call an ashram or temple on the inner planes. Elias will also constantly work with and through Raphael, teaching him and guiding him, so Raphael also can learn how to direct the higher frequency energy transmissions from Elias that is now flowing constantly, to use for different purposes. As you may know, that on the level of The Hierarchy, time and place do not exist as you know it.

The energy transmission from Elias through Raphael will create a high vibrational energy field wherever Raphael will be. For those who can’t believe that or, if interested, want to experience this high frequency energy field for themselves, they can visit Raphael or invite him to their location. In fact these kinds of high vibrational energy fields cannot be really understood, but they can be experienced. Raphael is going through a major inner transformation very fast, every cell in his body is vibrating with high frequency energy which makes him all up side down, and we of The Hierarchy and Elias are now using him as a vehicle for our work. He has been prepared for this for some time now, and he has earned it also by doing his own work for many years. Please have patience with him, he will become very strong as he works himself through this transformation and some of you might be very surprised at what Raphael will be able to do. He is also now highly initiated in the energy and vibration of the white and blue ray. In the coming weeks and months, as Raphael works through his transformation, the vibrations of this energy field will increase.

He is ours and Elias’ beloved Ra-pha-el



Founder and ascended Spiritual Director Elias De Mohan

Elias De Mohan was born Detroit, Michigan in 1923 in a family of poor peasants from Romania.  Like many others, they came to the United States to make money and then go back to buy land.  He was baptised William David Dumitru in the Catholic faith.

In 1930 he returned to Romania with his family to live in a small village for seven years.  Only later did he realized what a marvellous opportunity it was to learn survival, determination and persistence to do what had to be done to have what they needed in life as far as food, clothing and other necessities.  The deep peasant belief in religion developed in him a reverence for life and a strong devotion to doing whatever was put before him to do.

At the age of 14 he left the village and his family and returned to Detroit where another major phase of experiencing began with loneliness, low self-esteem, fear and anxiety.  When he returned to the United States he expected to be offered everything, but soon found out that instead, he had to work hard for his keep.

He had always loved music and singing, but by the age of 17 he had discovered it´s power.  He remembers going by a music store and stopping to listen to the music that was being played.  The music was so beautiful that it touched him deeply and he began to cry.  He wanted to find a way to participate in something so beautiful, and when he discovered the Detroit Opera Society he joined it.  That started him on the path to discover what sound, music and the voice can do to heal the feelings and emotions.  It also stirred up memories and deep feelings of rejection and inadequacy.

In 1943, the war came along and in the army he came face to face with his pattern of resistance to authority figures.

In 1946 after the war, he began his education and in three years graduating from Iolani High School in Honolulu.  He also joined a choir there.  Music, sound, and the feelings and emotions they uncovered, awakened in him an even stronger drive to discover the meaning of life.

Elias began taking voice lessons and was making plans to study music at Oberlin College in Ohio and social science at the University of Colorado. He thought his singing would give him long sought after acceptance, but instead it stirred up the Kundalini resulting in tremendous pain, fear and doubt.  To experience Kundalini without falling apart, we must first have a strong sense of self-acceptance‒something he did not have at the time.  He discovered that ‘kundalini energy’ impacts the physical, emotional and mental bodies equally, so in this system we give attention to all three in a holistic way.

During this great time of discovery in the 1950's, he was living in New York City and working at the YMCA in many different departments of management—in other words, he was doing ‘group work’.  The idea of doing group work was another intuitive response he had when he was reading some of Alice Bailey’s books.

When he moved from New York City to Pennsylvania in 1959, he was led to be part of a group with metaphysical teachings.  In 1960, in Pittsburgh, Elias met with his teacher, Neva Del Hunter, and they formed a group for metaphysical instruction.  In 1965, he was led to join a metaphysical group in Los Angeles, so he and his family moved to California and they lived there for the next three and a half years.

Elias had studied for the opera for 17 years; he learned the importance of practice, participation and willingness

In the California group, he experienced group dynamics on yet another level, acquired a good background in metaphysical matters and systems of the past—and again came face to face with his authority issues.  As he continued in the group, people began to ask him to do consultations, but he kept saying, “I can’t do that. I don’t know how.”  Even his teacher felt he wasn’t ready, but he started to do consultations and past life sessions anyway as he began to surrender to people’s needs.  Sadly, his teacher became jealous and angry and kicked him out of the group.  He didn’t recognize it at the time, but she had freed him to accept his own authority from Soul.  Soon he realized that he could give people the information they needed for their process of growth and change.  It began to be obvious that he needed to provide consultations for those who wanted to transform through work with sound and color.

With the experiential background in this group he left California for Texas.  It was in Texas that he discovered he was going to be instrumental in bringing in a system for personality transformation through vibrational sound, color, music, voice and awareness.  He really didn’t know what it meant at the time!  Since then his knowledge of the system has been continually expanding and he has come to learn that it’s an eternal process.

In 1970 he established the Esoteric Philosophy Center in Houston, Texas and thus began a major phase of discovery—how to take intuition and externalize it into a system.

The Center then began to ask for the vibration of sound and color system and he was still saying, “I don’t know how to do it.”  One night he woke up and he was told, “Do it now”!  The authority of Soul is the real authority!  Creation takes action and the willingness to experience.  So he said to the group of six, “Let’s be guinea pigs and see what happens with this system.”  All of a sudden as he got up to speak, he spoke for an hour or more not even realizing how many words were being said. That is how the system started.

Music and voice techniques are a path to the process of synthesis, greater harmlessness, joy, humor, laughter and acceptance, if we act with an understanding of the qualities of life.  Vibrations will change only as we counter them with other vibrations.  The expansion of the ‘creative light energy’ (Kundalini) takes place as the slower vibrations of fear and anxiety, anger and sadness, etc. are transformed through the acceptance of breathing and using vowels and colors in association with the experiential process of moving through resistance.

Singing is a major part of the system.  By making the sounds of the vowels we will discover which qualities they represent in ourselves.  Elias had studied for the opera for 17 years; he learned the importance of practice, participation and willingness.  The aim is not to become opera singers, but to use the voice with diaphragmatic breathing.  We are, by nature, wanting to find out who we are, but first we are taught not to have self-esteem.  The first step in self-discovery is getting over our esteem issues.  As we move through the different stages, the question, “Who am I?” becomes more and more important on the basis that we can say “I am.”

Music, sound and breathing are tools for opening us to the awareness and expression of feelings and emotions that need resolution.  Through action, these tools constitute a support system for any of us to go through a point of resistance.  The vibrational color and sound system will support the experience of the resistances and limitations that need to be processed and transformed; the colors and sounds by themselves will not resolve these issues.  He always say to people, “If you want to be creative you have to go through the resistance of struggles, doubts, fears and suceed by experience.”

After several years of participation, many people at the Esoteric Philosophy Center in Houston asked if there could be a book. The book was first published after eight years of experiencing, observing and internalizing.  Now, five printings later, it’s being revised and expanded in 2008 with the addition of new experiences and concepts.

In 1990 he decided to leave Houston and moved to Arizona, where he continued the Esoteric Philosophy Center.

In 2006 he decided to accept Ross Sinclaires invitation to come to Calgary, Canada to form The Universal Foundation for the Creative Heart.

Elias has traveled all over the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Denmark, giving workshops and lectures for a lot of people. He has taken groups on journeys to the worlds great spiritual places like, Mexico, Egypt, Greece, France and England.

He also received thousands of people for individual sessions. A few years back he was initiated as a member of the Hierarchy. As a result of his last spiritual accomplisments he manifested a very high spiritual frequency that was imprinted on the collective consciousness. After his ascending he has worked on the construction of a special energy vibration that could be called an "Inner Ashram" in the orher dimensions. This new "Inner Ashram" is devoted to the service of Vibrational Sound & Color. This is a special occasion because Vibrational Sound & Color has never had its own department in the Hirarchy

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