The Complexities of Intuitive Personalities

By Raphael De Mohan

There are different forms of intuitive personalities and this article talks about some of them. There seem to be certain similarities amongst individuals that either are born with or develop early in life an intuitive capacity, fully or partially, in form of enhanced sensitivity, psychic abilities, mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience etc.

Abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience

The above mentioned similarities are conditions in and between the dynamics of individual karmic issues and their families karmic issues, who in different degrees weren’t able to support these sensitive/intuitive children, either because the parents were fully engaged in dealing with their own struggles, were violent or abusive or just didn’t knew anything about the intuitive - and that of course also corresponds with karmic patterns. In order to survive such conditions the child develops its own world and this can trick the opening of the abilities. These children use the intuition in the service of the parents needs in the hope of getting the service returned in form of love and being recognized for what they are. And sometimes this never seems to happen; after one conflict or critical situation is solved the next one turns up. Later in life this continues and forms a pattern, these individuals mostly choose jobs and careers where they can use their special abilities. Whether these jobs are as psychics, healers, counsellors, artists, musicians or in the field of social and health work. They find themselves in relations (work or private) or in situations that reflects or replays the dramas of their 'childhood', situations that always seem to be turning out to others advantages, situations that seem impossible to solve, like a ‘Sisyphus’ task.

Parents have two general and vital functions in the relation with the child: The first function can be called an intuitive connection and relation, and this connection is very often to the mother. She senses and see’s who the child is and can affirm it and mirror it back to the child.

The child feels loved for the inner being it is, and learns how to love itself.

The second function is to support and guide the child in how it can act in the world and relate appropriately to others as the being it is. Through these two relations the child achieves and learns basic self-esteem and self-confidence. This colors the experiences the child has of discovering and exploring itself and what the world is about. If these relations don’t function with a certain minimum of authenticity and love the child’s healthy sense of self will be distorted and it will be a part of the child’s personality structure as it grows up. And certain aspects of the personality will be very dysfunctional and in some cases develop into a pathological condition.

They suffer because the reason they developed their abilities are the same reasons that keeps them imprisoned – cutting off vital core feelings, escaping into fantasy and/or connecting to the other dimensions. They are able to give some love, but are very insecure when they are loved – this results in finding partners they don’t feel threatened by. Unfortunately it is not a very strong relation.
These individuals develop a defence system for protection and survival. Many times they fall in love with persons that don't love them back, or they reject persons that really love them. 

Defence systems

There is a core deep inside that is infected by low self-esteem that is not allowed to be shown, this low self-esteem is the result of being rejected and not affirmed. This leaves the individual with a deep sense of being alone, with feelings of being empty or hollow, with feelings of hopelessness or meaninglessness. This is why many of these individuals become seekers of the truth, science or spirituality. There is a certain moral code that is part of the self-protection, and it prevents them from getting in touch with their core feelings, morals about not showing the deep anger, sorrow, feelings of being a stranger, being alone in the midst of many people. A particular form of self-protection is the cut off from feelings and the body, leaving everything to the intellect, the mind or the mental to figure out - or the other way around leaving everything to the emotions. Or they attach themselves to the collective energies, concerned with the environment or government or the level of consciousness in general, but they are unable to help themselves. Their discrimination is also affected so the line between what is fantasy and real experiences of the other dimensions becomes partly unclear.

These developmental themes form polarities. If vital feelings are suppressed, the suppression is supported by a moral code for behaviour.

Evolutionary polarities

A moral code in the form of a spiritual morality that goes against certain kinds of feelings like anger, rage and even hate – these emotions are kept unconscious, and as long as they are unconscious there is an attachment, and on the surface this attachment is to the opposite qualities of being a good, kind and gentle person. This behaviour needs constant correction, because being ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ doesn’t come wholeheartedly, but from a moral code. And that is also why there could be problems with saying ‘no’. They can become rebels, but for the ‘good’ cause. They feel/think ‘if I give in to these feelings I will be swallowed' or 'the positive sides of me will disappear forever’ or ‘if I start crying I’ll never stop’ or ‘nobody will really love me’.

As adults these individuals seek people to be recognized – they need other persons for that, because they have never been embraced and affirmed by their parents. Therefore they seek psychic’s, attend soul-searching courses and lectures – and they get so disappointed when they don’t find what they were looking for. They have a desperate need for knowing who they are, because they are out of touch with that part of their core.
They can also be quite successful in their private and working life, but it doesn’t seem enough, they still search and have great difficulty with just being at rest or taking it easy. Their ‘being-ness in themselves’ is very uneasy and difficult, where as being in action is much easier, because that is what they are used to. They are battlers, fighters, rebels, inventors, seeking the edge in whatever they do, constantly on the march. If they for some reason are stopped in doing so, they risk falling into depressions or delusions.
They keep running into relations that don’t turn out to be genuine. Because there is the split inside in their core, they have great problems using that part of themselves in feeling what is good and what is not so good. Resulting in turning to the mental judgment, ideals and moral of what is good or bad – and paradoxically they seem to be unable to use their intuitive capacity for themselves, and they feel deeply victimized. Because of this major unbalance in their personality - where the intuition actually is compensating for the lack of being in touch with core feelings – the intuition can be inflated by mental judgment and morals. So, there is also this problem with discriminating between an actual intuition and a mental or moral ideal.

In this present historic period of time a lot of souls are dealing with intuitive abilities and it is their karma. But when they are born into a family that doesn’t recognize them, it causes additional problems. These souls have had other lifetimes with the opened intuitive abilities, but there are lessons to be learned in how to use them. And so, here they are. 
More souls are coming into this earth plane with intuitive capacities and it is important that we all learn to deal with our own intuitive capabilities, but where can these individuals find help without repeating the patterns, being misunderstood again, being exploited again, not being recognized for who they are, and really deal with their own shadow? There is a chance that this might happen, because this is life and life is most of the time about learning by going through struggles. And there is no place that is ideal or perfect or without error. So part of having these intuitive abilities and the following troubles is learning that nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes and the lessons is how to deal with this, rather than escaping or avoiding situations where this might happen. So take a chance, take a risk – take the risk of being alive. If you are being hurt, then cry or fight – get into life with all there is with the motive of exploring your shadow side.

The complexities of the intuitive personalities are in different degrees, also for individuals without expanded sensitivity – it is a part of developing the individual self-conscious being, and it is part of the evolution of consciousness. It is possible to heal the split and to reunite with your core and yourself, by facing and going through the suppressed and rejected feelings. That is also the way to become more detached and that is the only way to assure the wicked circle of the heritage from our childhood and our karma (and past life fragments) is broken. And on a larger scale that will reflect how we relate to other people, to the planet, the universe and the divine. At that point what turned out to be a living hell for us is transformed into a quality that really serves humanity, and it becomes a step further in the evolution of consciousness.

Intuition comes from the soul

Intuition comes from the soul, and this guidance can only become constructive when we carry on working with the integration of the personality – the personality can be the instrument of the intuition and the soul to the degree we are conscious of our developmental themes and become more and more detached from the identification with the personality and its complexities.    
Persons who work with these aspects will experience clarity on higher and deeper levels of life as they proceed. The soul’s intuition needs transparency of the personality, and this comes only when we work with the transformation of the complexities of our personality.      
These intuitive personalities have very strong connections, in some way or other, to the other dimensions, but because of the wounds in the personality it isn’t able to be clear, or to lay the proper foundation for the constructive relation with the other dimensions. The person needs to clear his/her channel from personal issues and unbalances. This is indeed possible with patience and courage to work through the issues.


I truly recommend not only individuals with intuitive personalities, but every sincere seeker of spirituality to find a qualified spiritual system that can asist you to go through these themes, the ego is a very tricky structure, and if we think we can deal with it ourselves we might be surprised later on. The serious effort, time and money invested will come back in many ways. Some spiritual processes really demand a strong and healthy individual foundation that can contain deep confrontations and chaos.
Because of the suppression of vital core feelings the person often doesn’t have a continuous and flexible feeling of who they are, they don’t feel as a whole person and this is part of their intense seeking. The process we have to go through we call the process of integration or synthesis. The deeper we work into our core feelings, expressing them and become conscious the more the spiritual dimensions can be integrated. This is an evolutionary paradox and a polarity – the deeper you go, the higher you can reach. Very simple on paper and very difficult in real life.


This article reflects some aspects of the esoteric psychology that is part of the esoteric philosophy of the Vibrational Sound & Color system.